Do you love making music with people? Have you also found that as a musician, or music lover of any kind, jam sessions are a great way to connect and hang out with similar-minded people? During my travels I often found it very difficult to find local jam sessions, with google turning up nothing but some outdated facebook events. That is why I decided to make a comprehensive, up to date list of jam sessions for my own city, so you as a traveler will not have to struggle as I did!

Please double check the venue using the link as not all sessions are weekly or might have changed. And please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Enjoy and jam out!


Bar/Restaurant Walden - Jam Session 20:00-23:00, in the basement


Cafe Flater - Jam Session 20:00-23:00

Het Oude Pothuys - Jam session 22:30-1:00

ACU - Flying Carpet, 1st tuesday of the month


Open Mic in the Griftpark (good weather in summertime only) - link

Cafe Domkop - Jampot 

Moira - Open Mic

dB's - de Jam Laatste woensdag van de maand

THURSDAY Het Oude Pothuys - Jam session

Café Averechts - Open Mic

De Kargadoor - Jam session (jazz)


Warmoes - Mengelmoes Jam session


Cafe Domkop - Jampot 


Café Tilt - Jazz jam session (2nd sunday of the month)

Badabing - Sunday Session

Het Oude Pothuys - Open Mic

Café Kleine Max - Jam session

Welcome to Utrecht, one of the most musical cities in the Netherlands!