Professional Guitarist


I started teaching guitar when I was 18 to make some extras on the side and soon discovered this to be my passion. Nowadays I have my own music school, Gitaarles Wittevrouwen, where I teach three days a week.

Music instructor and performer

Performing since 2010

Band Member and Traveler

Traveling since 2015

Wouter van Dijk is a professional guitarist and teacher from the Netherlands. He has been teaching guitar, bass, double bass, and music production since 2005. He is also a session musician and has played in multiple bands across the country since 2010. Additionally, he shares his travel experiences through blogs since 2015, with his website showcasing his background and experiences as a musician, teacher, and traveler

Teaching and coaching
The Good, the Bad and the Gypsy

Music Projects

See the Good, the Bad and the Gypsy play and immerse yourself in the fourties and fifties. Classic jazz tunes played in the style of gypsy jazz. Think Frank Sinatra meets Django Reinhardt!

Perambulator - the Common Third cover
Perambulator - the Common Third cover

Whenever my schedule allows it I like producing my own music. No time constraints, just me getting lost in my own studio following my own vision. I release this music under the pseudonym Perambulator. Think Pink Floyd meets Aron Parks meets Porcupine Tree. Check out the website or use the Spotify links below

photo of male band performing on stadium
photo of male band performing on stadium
Album Releases

I have released several albums throughout my career, each reflecting my musical journey and growth as an artist. Explore my discography and listen to my albums to experience a wide range of musical styles and emotions.